A Door Into Hindi: Lesson 11

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Future Imperatives

So far we have learned the present imperative forms ख़रीदो(familiar), and ख़रीदिये (polite). When we want to ask someone to do something in the future, then we may use the future imperative forms:

A. Familiar future imperative = infinitive, e.g: ख़रीदना, आना

तुम मेरे घर कल आना।

Come to my house tomorrow:


B. Polite future imperative = regular polite imperative +third person sing future ending, e.g.: ख़रीदियेगा, आइयेगा

आप मेरे घर कल आइयेगा।

Please come to my house tomorrow.

Note: Both future imperatives are always masculine third person singular; they never change under any condition.

See Snell's Teach Yourself Hindi (2000)
Section 5.2 page 62