A Door Into Hindi: Lesson 7

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Oblique for Destinations

Destinations (objects of verbs of motion) must be in the oblique case, but they do not require a postpostion.

वह मेरे कमरे जा रहा है।

"He is going to my room."

वह बड़े बाज़ार जाना चाहती है।

"She wants to go to the big bazaar." (Note that बाज़ार can't change in oblique, but its adjective does!)

मेरे घर आइये।

"Come to my house."

Note : all adverbs and adverbial phrases in Hindi must be in the oblique case, whether or not they have a postpostion. What are adverbs and adverbial phrases? They answer the questions we can ask about verbs: Where? How? When?

See Snell's Teach Yourself Hindi (2000)
Section 8.3 page 103