A Door Into Hindi: Lesson 17

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Future Constructions

You learned the basic future tense in Lesson 9.

The chart below will remind you how to conjugate होना in the future (according to the number and gender of the subject):


Masculine Singular

Feminine Singular

Masculine Plural

Feminine Plural

मैं हूँगा

मैं हूँगी

हम होंगे

हम होंगी

तू होगा

तू होगी

तुम होगे

तुम होगी



आप होंगे

आप होंगी

वह होगा

वह होगी

वे होंगे

वे होंगी

यह होगा

यह होगी

ये होंगे

ये होंगी


You can change most present tense constructions into future constructions by replacing the present auxiliary verb ( हूँ, हो, है, हैं )  with the appropriate future form ( हूँगा, होगा, होगी, होंगे, etc.)


For example:


Simple present

वह यहाँ है ।

She is here.

Simple future

वह यहाँ होगी ।

She will be here.


Present Progressive

वह आ रहा है ।

He is coming.

Future Progressive

वह आ रहा होगा ।

He will be coming.


Present Perfect

तुम आई हो ।

You have come.

Future Perfect

तुम आई होगी ।

You will have come.



उसको जाना है ।

She has to go.


उसको जाना होगा ।

She will have to go.



हमारे पास पैसे हैं ।

We have money.


हमारे पास पैसे होंगे ।

We will have money.



क्या आपको किताब चाहिये ?

Do you need the book?


क्या आपको किताब चाहिये होगी ?

Will you need the book?


Note in the last example there is no है in the present tense version, but you can still make it future tense by adding होगा (or in this case होगी to agree with किता ).


See Snell's Teach Yourself Hindi (2000)
Section 9.2