A Door Into Hindi: Lesson 18

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Birth and Death

There are several ways to talk about birth in Hindi:

पैदा होना

आपकी बेटी कब पैदा हुई?

When was your daughter born?

जन्म लेना

मैंने दिल्ली में जन्म लिया।

I was born in Delhi.


Likewise, there are several ways to talk about death:


उसका इन्तक़ाल हो गया।

He/she died.

उसका देहान्त हो गया।

He/she died.

वह पिछले साल गुज़र गया।

He passed away last year. (compound verb)

वह अब नहीं है।

He/she is no more.

वह अब नहीं रहा।

He is no more.